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I am writing to advise you of the really bad service I have received from a local business.I went into Cherry Grove Tobacco Outlet located at 1550 Highway 17 N, North Myrtle Beach SC 29582 telephone number 843-281-6364.

On December 13, 2012 at 12:14 pm I went into the store to enquire about the new electronic cigarettes. The man that helped me suggested that I purchase Electro brand. I was hesitant because the cost was quite high. And I had seen others out there for half the cost.

After some time of asking questions and feeling a little more comfortable I purchased the product as well as some refills putting my total purchase at $52.91. I left went home and attempted to charge the device I left it overnight to charge only to realize I had a defective product. I returned to the store and it was the same gentle man. I advised him the device did not work.

He went to the back with it then returned handed it back to me and said yea it’s defective. I advised him I would like an exchange he declined and handed me a phone number to call and 800-886-0516. I left and then tried to call the store back so I could get his name. Each time I called it would go to voice mail.

I repeated the call a few times. Finally someone answered and I asked who I was speaking to so I can document! He became upset told me he was going to report me to the police for harassment and said he would not give his name. I contacted the company and advised them that the device I purchased one day ago was defective.

The customer service lady asked why the store would not exchange. After I explained what I had encountered she was appalled and gave me the address of where to mail it to have an exchange. Now I am out $52.91 and fuel to go to and from the store as well as Shipping and handling not to mention time and aggregation. I feel I have been ripped off!

I feel I was conned into buying this product and this store is not honoring the purchase.

I live in a tourist location and feel this company does this often because he will not see the customer again and that is not right.I want to get this information out there in hopes that no one else has this horrible customer service experience.

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